Performance Tyres

Racing and Performance Tyres

If you need better on-road performance or specialist racing tyres for your car, talk to Tyre Wholesalers Direct based in Osborne Park, Perth. We can enhance your car with top of the line tyres from trusted names like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firestone, and other leading brands.

Make every metre count with our range of performance and race tyres.


Why You Need Performance Tyres

Sometimes standard tyres simply can’t deliver. If you have a high performing car, you need nothing but the best for your wheels. Manufacturers recommend performance tyres for these vehicles in order to deliver the handling and grunt that you need.

Whether you drive a brand new Lamborghini or a supercharged road car, your tyres are in direct connection with the asphalt. All the power and the forces go through your tyres and if they aren’t up to the job, your car will receive the bulk of the damage.

Performance Tyres are the answer to managing these issues. They deliver excellent traction and can handle the pressure in performance environments. They respond better to steering, braking, and the impacts of a rough ride, making them ideal for specialist race tyres and expert driving situations.

Here’s a list of the most common range of tyres sizes Tyre Wholesalers Direct in Osborne Park, Perth stocks and also have a sample of the special tyre sizes that are unusual and hard to get. If you can’t find the tyre size that you need, we’ll organise them for you.

Ultra High Performance Tyre Sizes

195/50 R 15 205/50 R 15 185/55 R 15 195/55 R 15
205/45 x 16 205/50 x 16 225/50 x 16 205/55 x 16 215/55 x 16 225/55 x 16 205/40 x 17
215/40x 17 215/45 x 17 225/45 x 17 235/45 x 17 245/45 x 17 225/40 x 18 225/40 x 18
245/40  x 18 215/45 x 18 225/45 x 18 235/45 x 18 245/45 x 18 235/35 x 19 245/35 x 19
245/40 x 19 225/30 x 20 245/30 x 20 225/35 x 20 245/35 x 20

Our Performance Tyres

We provide a full range of performance tyres to Osborne Park and surrounding northern Perth suburbs and all the services you need to get the most out of your ride.

We provide wheel alignments and balancing, as well as a calculator to make sure your new wheels are right for your high-performance vehicle.

Talk to us about your performance tyres and we’ll find the perfect match for your car at great prices.


Get the Best at Tyre Wholesalers

We can deliver the right set of tyres with all the expert fitting and services you need which are ideal for racing, track days and high performance. Call us on (08) 9443 9100 or contact us online using our form. We’ll provide all the practical advice, services and help you need.