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Looking for new tyres at Wholesale prices in Osborne Park, Perth?

If you’re looking for new tyres in Osborne Park or Perth, you’ve come to the right place. We stock tyres from the leading global manufacturers, including tough performance tyres, truck tyres, and tyres for your family car.

Tyre Wholesalers Direct also offers the help you need to find the right fit. We provide a full range of tyre sizes and variants, as well as technical information. Use our technical information to assess the diameter and rolling circumference of your tyres to match sizes with your vehicle specifications or use the tyre calculator on the right hand side to find out for yourself.


Why New Tyres Are So Important

Everyone knows that tyres should be replaced after significant wear. However, many people aren’t aware that you can also get much better performance and have a safe driving experience simply by getting new tyres.

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  • What are some of the benefits of new tyres?

 New tyres deliver superior safety and handling response on the road. Your new tyres are an important investment in your car or truck’s overall performance. The latest tyres on the market are designed for excellent durability and handling, even on WA’s demanding roads. In some cases. your tires will also help increase fuel efficiency and provide better grip when driving in wet conditions.


  • How will new tyres improve my car?

New tyres reduce the stress placed on suspension, shocks, brakes, and steering, saving you maintenance costs as well as improving handling, fuel efficiency and safety.


  • What else is important for tyre performance and safety?

Proper balancing and wheel alignment are also major positives for car performance, so we provide those services free of charge for our customers.


 Our Top Brand Tyres

Our range of new tyres includes:



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