About Us

We are a small family business with a long history in the second hand and new tyre business. Brian and Jill Stinson started importing second hand tyres into Perth in 1988. We had just built a factory in Kewdale and were unable to rent it out so we set about research to find a use for it. It became obvious to us that there was a strong demand for good quality second hand tyres that were available in Japan and could be priced to retail into the Australian market at about half the new price. This represented good value for money as the average life left in our tyres is about 70 to 80% tread depth with some still in new condition.

As life would have it by the time our first container arrived in Fremantle a transport company had rented our newly completed factory and we had to find rented accommodation which we did in a small factory unit behind Lyn McClements swimming school in Scarborough beach Road Osborne Park. So was born Near New Tyres as we called ourselves then. We only sold wholesale in those days.

In 1990 we moved into an extension of our Kewdale factory that we had just completed and so was born Kewdale Second hand Tyres. In 1996 we were joined by Rob Crisdale who had just become our son in law. Rob is still with us today and has assumed management responsibility for all day to day operations. In 1999 we established ourselves back in Osborne Park, nice and close to home, and Tyre Wholesalers Direct was born.

We sold out our interest in the Kewdale business. Today the emphasis is still on sourcing quality second hand tyres and NEW tyres for retail customers. We also offer a complete range of quality NEW tyres which we are continually sourcing to be competitive on price. We operate from a modern facility we acquired and redesigned for our purpose. A large part of our business is providing large and small Motor Vehicle Dealers with quality second hand tyres and or NEW tyres as part of their preparation of used vehicles for resale. They love us as we can cut their tyre account in half.

Our retail customers come from all over the state. They may want tyres for the second car, the kid’s car or just to get them by till they sell, they may be fleet operators or they may want NEW tyres for the Merc, Ferrari, BMW or the family pride and joy or the 4×4, the old ute or the trailer but all have one objective in mind: to get good quality tyres at very reduced prices.

How can we help you?
Give us a call on 9443 – 9100 and we’ll do our best.

Best wishes
Rob , Angelina and staff