4×4 tyres

Get Off Road with 4×4 Tyres

Tyre Wholesalers Direct offers a complete range of 4×4 tyres at discount prices. We stock all the top brands and we can also assist with crucial support like wheel alignments and balancing, and finding the best tyres for your vehicle.

Come and check out our range of 4×4 tyres available at Tyre Wholesalers in Perth and see what we can do for you.

View our range of 4×4 tyre sizes we have in stock below or use our tyre calculator on the right side to calculate the right size and help you make your decision.

4 x 4 Tyre Sizes

205/70 x 15 215/70 x 15 225/70 x 15 215/75 x 15 225/75 x 15 235/75 x 15
9R x 15 31/10.5r 15 215/70 x 16 225/70 x 16 235/70 x 16 245/70 x 16
265/70 x 16 275/70 x 16 265/75 x 16 285/75 x 16 235/60 x 17 225/65 x 17
245/65 x 17 245/65 x 17 265/65 x 17 275/65 x 17 265/70 x 17 285/70 x 17
235/55 x 18 255/55 x 18 265/60 x 18 235/55 x 19 245/55 x 19 275/40 x 20
plus many more !!


4×4 Tyres Essentials

If you’re are driving a 4×4, you already know how important your tyres are. They’re critical to the performance of your vehicle for driving off road and trekking through WA’s challenging regional environments.

You need to be sure that your tyres are reliable and right for your 4×4, matching its size, age and make. You don’t want to be guessing about performance and handling, particularly for off-road environments which can be quite challenging to overcome under harsh conditions.


How 4×4 Tyres Protect Your Car

Your tyres protect your car’s suspension and other systems against stresses caused by road surfaces, terrain, and challenging conditions. This can save you a lot of money in the long term, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Before heading out in your 4×4, ensure you have the right tyres and that they have been calibrated and calculated to deliver the performance you need.

Some options for 4×4 tyres include:

  • Highway

    passenger rated tyres that are perfect if you’re taking your 4×4 for long drives on made and even roads

  • All terrain

    built for strength and versatility, these tyres are great for highway driving as well as the occasional off road trip

  • Mud and Snow

    made with a specific tread pattern to better traverse these off-road environments


Talk to Our Experts about 4×4 Tyres

If you’re looking for top quality 4×4 tyres in Perth, we can deliver exactly what you want. Check out our top brands, talk to our experts about tyre selection, and get a free balance and alignment. Give us a call on (08) 9443 9100 or use our online contact form.